By Casey O'Neill on 29 January 2018

Here’s a truth almost that every parent knows: When you take your kids on holiday, it’s really mostly a holiday for the kids.

Some parents may consider a childless holiday the dream solution – think of the sleep-ins! – but for those with young children it can often cause more anxiety and organisational stress than taking the little ones along.

According to, there is another option for parents to consider. Their recent survey showed that over a third of Aussie parents have taken a family member with them on holiday to help look after the kids.

“Splashing out on an extra ticket for Grandpa could be money well spent,” says Finder’s Bessie Hassan. “The idea isn’t to limit the time you spend with your children on holiday. But rather, to have a trusted carer who you know the kids adore, freeing you up to indulge in those rare activities such as going to the gym, reading a book, or having a cocktail in peace.”

The BYO babysitter method certainly seems to be a success. 19% of families have had multiple BYO babysitter vacations and of these 5% reported that they bring a babysitter all the time.

We’d love to hear what you think. Is bringing a babysitter on holiday pure genius or a false economy? Leave your comments and BYO babysitter stories here.

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