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BYO Babysitter - The New Family Travel Trend.

Here’s a truth almost that every parent knows: When you take your kids on holiday, it’s really mostly a holiday for the kids. Some parents may consider a childless holiday the dream solution – think of the sleep-ins! – but for those with young children it can often cause more anxiety and organisati... Read more

Travel blogger interview with IndieTraveller

Marek has been a full-time world traveller since 2012. Marek is the creator and author of, a blog about low budget and independent travel.He's published a book on worry-free budget travel and his writing has been featured in The Huffington Post. Here are Marek's thoughts on wh... Read more

My Essential Pre-Trip To-Do List

In my early twenties I was invincible. When I travelled I was care-free and on occasion, don’t tell my mother, insurance free. These days, I wouldn’t jump on a domestic flight without insurance. Working in the travel insurance industry, I’ve had the benefit of learning not only from my own experien... Read more

7 unbreakable food rules for Europe

We’re prepared to put ourselves out on a limb here, and make a bold statement - European food is a thing of beauty. It really is. The great British fry up, French cheeses, Italian pizzas, Irish whiskey, Spanish meats - there’s so much fun to be had in markets, restaurants and cafes. To make sure th... Read more