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ALERT: Protests in Hong Kong

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) is warning travellers about continuing protests in several locations across Hong Kong. This includes rail stations and the Hong Kong International Airport. These protests pose an extra risk to travellers and have the potential to disrupt travel plans.... Read more

Travel Blogger Interview with Don't Stop Living

Jonny's passion for people, places, travel, beer and football has seen him leave his home town in Northern Ireland in 2003. He has been on the road ever since, travelling, working and living in over 100 countries in all seven continents. He writes about his adventures every day and has been featured... Read more

Travel blogger interview with IndieTraveller

Marek has been a full-time world traveller since 2012. Marek is the creator and author of, a blog about low budget and independent travel.He's published a book on worry-free budget travel and his writing has been featured in The Huffington Post. Here are Marek's thoughts on wh... Read more

Travel Heroes Competition Launched

Calling all Travel Heroes! We’re on the lookout for people who use their holiday time to make the world a better place. Travel Heroes climb mountains and run marathons to raise money for charity. They provide aid to people in need, pitch in at environmental reserves or become volunteer teachers. Tr... Read more

Travel blogger interview with Nomad Revelations

João Leitão has been to more than 110 countries and territories in Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North, Central & South America and Oceania. Traveling since early age, he's always been excited to learn about other cultures. Being able to see first hand that we are totally different from som... Read more

The top 10 travel trends for 2016

Maybe you want to try something different this year. Maybe you want to see what’s popular - and maybe you’re just curious about what everyone else is up to. What does 2016 hold for the travel industry, and which new places and ways of travelling should you be trying out? We did some research into t... Read more

BYO Babysitter - The New Family Travel Trend.

Here’s a truth almost that every parent knows: When you take your kids on holiday, it’s really mostly a holiday for the kids. Some parents may consider a childless holiday the dream solution – think of the sleep-ins! – but for those with young children it can often cause more anxiety and organisati... Read more

ALERT: Global Coronavirus Outbreak

The current outbreak of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) was first reported from Wuhan, China, on 31st December 2019. This outbreak has since been reported widely in the media and by authorities such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), and it continues to make headlines around the world.  The deta... Read more

Great news for Adventurers

Columbus Direct now offers cover add-ons for a huge number of sports and adventure activities. This includes a range of activities that are traditionally difficult to find cover for like cycle touring, skydiving, on-road motorcycling over 250cc, outdoor rock climbing, and quad biking.1 [1 Cover is... Read more

5 Scary Movies not to watch this Halloween if you're planning to travel

Halloween is almost here! Grab the popcorn and dim the lights - it’s time to snuggle up with a good old scary movie. A word of warning though: if you have a holiday coming up then think twice when scrolling through the Netflix catalogue. Horror filmmakers love travel-gone-wrong stories. You want to... Read more

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