Making travel plans for a group can be a big job...

...whether that’s a school group, a sports team, a group of friends, your extended family, or colleagues.

Luckily, getting the right travel insurance cover for your group doesn’t have to be complicated.


This is how it works:

If there are 8 people or less in your group, you can simply get a quote and buy your group travel insurance online. Small groups with two or more travelling adults automatically get a 5% discount off individual premiums. Buying a policy online only takes a few minutes and you’ll get your cover certificate immediately.

If your group is made up of 9 people or more, just follow the five easy steps below to get covered. And great news: Your group is eligible for a 10% discount on the policy premium!

1. Tell us about your group trip

To get a quote for groups of 9 or more travellers just give us a call at 0800 55 99 11 (Mon-Fri 11am to 7pm) or email us at

This is the information we'll need from you:

  • trip destination
  • start date
  • return date
  • number of travellers for each of these age groups: adult (19-49), adult (50-69), adult (70-74), adult (75-79), adult (80-84), children (2-18), infants (0-1).

2. Get an estimated premium

Once we have your group trip details, we'll calculate an estimated quote for your group travel insurance premium. If you call us, we can tell you this on the spot, otherwise we’ll email it to you within two working days.

3. Fill in the group travel insurance application

We’ll also send you our policy wording to review along with our group application forms. The completed forms will give us more information about your planned trip and personal details of everyone who’s going. For every member of the group, we’ll need to know:

  • their full name and title
  • their date of birth
  • if they are going to take part in any sports or hazardous activities
  • details of any existing medical conditions (including whether they have been hospitalised for their condition in the last 12 months).

4. Get your full quote

You can either post the completed forms back to us or send us a scanned version via email. We’ll then enter the information into our systems and, provided we can insure your group trip, get back to you with a formal quote within two working days.

5. Buy your group policy

If you’re happy to go ahead and buy the quote, we can take payment over the phone or via cheque or money-order. Once we’ve received payment, we’ll email you the insurance certificate straight away. You can also let us know if you'd prefer us to post the certificate to you.

Larger groups

We can normally insure up to 40 people under one group policy. If you’re looking for travel insurance for more than 40 travellers, give us a call at 0800 55 99 11 (Mon-Fri 11am to 7pm) and we’ll see how we can help you.

Corporate travel insurance

Need travel insurance for your employees? We offer special conditions for bulk buys of Annual Multi Trip policies. Simply call us at 0800 55 99 11 (Mon-Fri 11am to 7pm) and let us know what you were looking for.