Save on Seniors Travel Insurance

If you’re a Senior New Zealand resident 65 years of age or older, a seniors travel insurance policy can provide peace of mind for your next holiday. Seniors insurance from Columbus Direct covers you for an extensive range of benefits, plus offers two different levels of cover to suit your budget.

From 1988, we were the first company to sell travel insurance directly to consumers in the UK. We have provided award winning cover and a cheap travel insurance alternative to Kiwis since 2002.


How Do I Get A Seniors Insurance Quote?

Get started with an online travel insurance quote at any time. Simply fill out the details to get your quote and compare available travel insurance options.

If you prefer to speak to someone, contact us via telephone on 1300 669 999 Monday to Friday - 11am to 7pm. Our friendly customer service team will be happy to help.

While you’re away, you have access to a 24/7 emergency assistance hotline to help you arrange emergency medical treatment and repatriation. Find more information about this on our Assistance and Claims page.

What Does Columbus Seniors Travel Insurance Cover?

As a Senior traveller, get cover with a large range of standard inclusions;

  • Overseas Medical Expenses & Emergency
  • 24 hour Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Dental Expenses
  • Hospital Cash Allowance
  • Personal Baggage & Delayed Baggage
  • Valuables
  • Money & Travel Documents
  • Personal Accident Benefit
  • Legal Expenses & Advice

…and this is just a selection! Simply scroll down to see more cover benefits and cover limits. For full details read our PDS and Policy Wording.

Travel Insurance for seniors over 80

Don’t let your 80th birthday stop you from hopping on that plane or cruise ship. We offer travel insurance for Australians up to the age of 84. So if you’re 84 years of age or under, there’s no reason you can’t pack your bags and look forward to some time away overseas.

Find quality international travel insurance cover for seniors. Compare our standard and premier cover options for popular overseas destinations as well as for cruises.


Please note that the benefits we’ve listed below are just a summary – to really understand what you’re covered for it’s important that you read our full policy wording including terms, conditions and exclusions.

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